Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starting a Club

Since I started yo-yoing, I’ve always wanted to start a yo-yo club. However, it always seemed to me as though people’s interest in my throwing was as more ofm a novelty than something they’d really like to do themselves. In addition, you have to have a sponsor for a club – a teacher that doesn’t mind giving up their time and their room for meetings. It would be a lot of work, for what I imagined to be no profit. However, this past school year, my yo-yo friend told me that he’d found a sponsor for the club, our forever awesome German teacher. That finally solidified things, and the first meeting of the White Station High School Yo-Yo Club had a full house. Standing up in front of all of those people, showing off, explaining the various types of yo-yoing, discussing modern tricks – it was a rush that I won’t soon forget.

Of course, membership dropped off a bit once people were told that they would need to purchase a decent yo-yo, most of the time it was the 16 dollar YoYoJam that I would buy them (I REALLY wish Luminators were around at the time). And membership dropped again after people simply lost interest. Nowadays we get 5-6 people who come each week - a group of freshman I am infinitely greatful for. Teaching them maintance, the types of yo-yos, how to wind it up and all of those basic things has been so much fun. I really think this club has contributed to my desire to perhaps pursue a career in education.

If you don't have a club at your school, I HIGHLY encourage you to start one. Now that you can get solid, cheap yo-yos at Walgreens, it will be much easier to get yo-yos cheaply and, thus, get more members. The more people we can get into the yo-yo community, the better it will be for all of us. And hey, things like this always look good on college applications. Starting a club is not difficult at all, and it will be infinitely rewarding.

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  1. Hahaha, Justin, it really was awesome to watch you get up in front of everyone at the first few meetings and teach them how to yo-yo. I could tell you enjoyed it.