Sunday, April 4, 2010


I really like giveaways. Winning them (of course), and running them. I like the idea of people making something specifically for "me." Is it narceisistic? Well, how about a different question: do you like free yo-yos? That's what I thought.
I did a little giveaway on YoYoNation back a year or so ago, and it was a total blast. Here is the entry that won:

Pretty awesome, right? The guy MADE that. Anyway, I've been needing to do another contest for a while, so I figured, why not tie it in with this blog? Here are the rules:

- You MUST be following this blog to win.
- You get a MAXIMUM of three entries per person.
- Entries MUST be created AFTER this contest was announced. Add something like a piece of paper with the date or some such identifying mark for photos and videos.
- Entries must be emailed to You can post them publicly if like, but I must have an emailed copy.
- Anything counts as an entry.

What am I even talking about with that last one? Well, here's a quote from the original giveaway.

To win, you may simply do whatever you wish. I will choose the best entry. Examples of entries are things like short stories or amazing yo-yo trick videos, examples of your accomplishments, or pictures of you yo-yoing and giving a thumbs up or something. Anything is game. Keep in mind what you're doing, though. The best poem will lose to the best story, because I don't care much for poems. I judge on effort and overall quality. Laughing is always the best, but awesomeness is a close second. You could also include a description of why you think you should win, but I do not place much importance on this because I have no way of verifying this sort of thing.

Basically, I want everyone to have a chance to win, regardless of where you strong suit in yo-yo-related activities lies. Do what you love to do, and your passion will show through in your entry.

I will taking entries until Sunday, April 25th. Please email me with any questions or comments. Oh, the prize! Sorry, nearly forgot. I don't have a lot of yo-yos to offer. The prize is simply a well-loved black/yellow Lyn Fury, set up unresponsive. Also, I will be throwing in a mystery metal! Also well-loved, but this time a secret!


  1. This is such an awesome thing your doing for the yo-yoing community!

    Be sure to see my entries soon!


  2. I can't wait to send in my entree.

  3. First entry in, two to go... But I'm not sure what to enter. So many ideas!

  4. Just curious: When do we get to see some of the entries? I'm really curious about what people have submitted!