Friday, April 2, 2010

Surprise Tricks

With modern, unresponsive, epically long spinning yo-yos, the dynamic between player and yo-yo has changed. It is no longer all about pushing the yo-yo to the very limits in terms of its performance - it's about pushing yourself. You no longer have to make and mount your own canvas before you can work - a modern yo-yo is a perfectly machined canvas just waiting for you to paint it with who you are.

For this reason, a yo-yo throw is able to have a lot less forethought or intended direction (both literally and figuratively). You can just sort of, well, sling it around however you want, do random junk with the string, and just have fun with it. It is out of this that so many awesome things can be formed. You all know what it's like, you're tossing the yo-yo around when suddenly it falls into some crazy mount. Maybe you can figure out what you did, and maybe you can't. But whatever the case, for that brief moment you are full of surprise and elation, and you're reminding why yo-yoing is so fantastic.

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