Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There is something zen (as Ed would say) about sitting about and tuning a No-Jive 3-in-1, one station at time, and then finally hitting that sweet spot where it spins so smooth, and knowing that yeah, that was you that got it like that. I really love doing maintenance on my yo-yos. It makes it feel like a "real" hobby. Guitarists have replacing string, we have deshielding bearings. Ping-pong players (-ers? -ists?) have new rubbers, we have new pads. Doing little things to your throws makes it more "you." You get to see how invested you are in this, and how much you know in order to be able to do these basic things. And, frankly, it's just another facet that gives you something else to do while you try to think of another way to get into the cross-arm GT mount.

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