Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"It Looks Cool"

When I first started this blog, I drew up a list of 30-40 ideas to be sure that I had enough material to get going. Naturally, I took the list to my yo-yo club to see what they thought and get some of their own suggestions on why yo-yoing is awesome to them. Someone, and I wish I could remember who, simply said, "It looks cool." Immediately enthusiastic agreements came from all sides.

"Yeah, it just looks cool!"

"Yeah, totally!"

And it floored me, because that's it. At its most base level, yo-yoing just looks cool. It doesn't matter if its a simple gravity pull or a tech routine so rapid that you need a slow-mo replay to score it. This hobby/sport is, by nature, dazzling. None of us would be doing this if it were some ugly mass of strings. We wouldn't have huge stages to perform on if it wasn't fun to watch. We wouldn't strive as hard to learn boingy-boing or a thumb grind if the final effect wasn't captivating.

I’m not saying that we only yo-yo for other people to watch, no no. I’m just saying that when the string catches the wind just so in a trapeze-and-his-bro slack, it looks really, really cool.

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  1. Exactly!

    Yo-yoing is like magic, it's so amazing to watch. Only, when you show them how it's done, it only seems to get more amazing.

    Another good entry man, I can really relate.